Beatrice Riviere

Chair, SIAM Geosciences Activity Group 2019-2020
Noah G. Harding Chair and Professor
Computational and Applied Mathematics Department
Rice University


  • Ph.D. in Computational and Applied Mathematics (2000), The University of Texas at Austin
  • Master of Arts in Mathematics (1996), Pennsylvania State University
  • Diplome d’Ingenieur de l’Ecole Centrale de Lyon (1995)
  • Licence de Mathematiques, Universite Claude Bernard de Lyon (1993)

Curriculum Vitae


Short Bio

Beatrice Riviere is a Noah Harding Chair and Professor in the Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University. She received her Ph.D. in 2000 from the University of Texas at Austin. Her other degrees include a Master in Mathematics in 1996 from Pennsylvania State University and an Engineering Diploma in 1995 from Ecole Centrale, France. She is the author of more than one hundred scientific publications in numerical analysis and scientific computation. Her book on the theory and implementation of discontinuous Galerkin methods is highly cited. Her research group is funded by the National Science Foundation, the oil and gas industry and the Gulf Coast Consortia for the Quantitative Biomedical Sciences.

Dr. Riviere has worked extensively of the development and analysis of numerical methods applied to problems in porous media and in fluid mechanics. Her current research deals with the development of high-order methods in time and in space for multiphase multicomponent flows (in rigid and deformable media); the modeling of pore scale flows for immiscible and miscible components; the numerical model of oxygen transport in a network of blood vessels; the analysis of PDE-based neural networks for image segmentation and the design of iterative solvers.

Dr. Riviere is an associate editor for the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, for Results in Applied Mathematics and a member of the editorial board for Advances in Water Resources. She has graduated a total of fourteen Ph.D. students, with eight working in academia and six in industry.

Graduated Ph.D. Students

  • Songul Kaya, Ph.D. 2004. Associate Professor at METU, Turkey.
  • Yekaterina Epshteyn, Ph.D. 2007. Associate Professor at the University of Utah.
  • Qi Mi, Ph.D. 2007. Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.
  • Prince Chidyagwai, Ph.D. 2010. Assistant Professor at Loyola University.
  • Aycil Cesmelioglu, Ph.D. 2010. Associate Professor at Oakland University.
  • Sevtap Ozisik, Ph.D. 2012. Employed by Direct Energy.
  • Kun Liu, Ph.D. 2013. Employed by Panton.
  • Xin Yang, Ph.D. 2014. Employed by Google.
  • Yingpei Wang, Ph.D. 2014. Employed by Google.
  • Jizhou Li, Ph.D. 2015. Employed by ExxonMobil.
  • Charles Puelz, Ph.D. 2017. Postdoc at Courant, New York University.
  • Emily Hendryx, Ph.D. 2018. Assistant professor at University of Central Oklahoma.
  • Chen Liu, Ph.D. 2019. Employed by Veritas. Visiting scholar at Rice University.
  • Maurice Fabien, Ph.D. 2019. Prager Assistant Professor and Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at Brown University.


Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Solving Elliptic and Parabolic Equations: Theory and Implementation.
SIAM 2008. ISBN-10: 089871656X.

Available at SIAM. Download errata here.


  • CAAM 452, CAAM 536 Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
  • CAAM 558: Introduction to Partial Differential Equation Based Simulation and Optimization


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