Our consortium performs core research in applied mathematics to improve the understanding of the interaction of modeling, numerical simulation and optimization of flows in porous media in the presence of uncertainty. A unique focus of the consortium is the tight integration of numerical simulation and optimization with the goal to maximize algorithm efficiency on current and future high performance computing environments. Current research projects include development and analysis of locally mass conservative discretization schemes, integration of numerical simulation methods into derivative based optimization algorithms, large-scale inequality constrained optimization, and sampling/approximation techniques to capture uncertainty in simulation and optimization.

  • The annual membership fee is $35,000.
  • Representatives from industrial members are invited to annual review meetings.
  • Input from the sponsors is important in the success of the on-going research projects.
    Sponsors can contribute to the consortium by providing specific problems and/or data.
    Drafts of technical reports are sent to sponsors at least sixty days before submission to journals. An annual report summarizing the work of the research program is provided to members.
  • Research codes are available to the members per request.

Support for the COMP-M group also comes from the National Science Foundation, as well as several companies from the Oil and Gas Industry: Shell, Total, ExxonMobil, GrailQuest.


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